minga logo collaboration

logo design in collaboration with minga

dark biwak

this is my final degree work in visual communication and new media at the art school kassel
its a big room installation with the a size of 5x12x6 meters

i realized the structure at the uferstudios berlin
the video shows the degeneration process.
some more photos about the building process
in my flickr set

squarechop bc12a.t@dortmund

squarechop bc12a.t
Alfredo Bautista / Martin Böttger

V4 & Circuit Devices/casio sa-11/airport control tower
noise suitcase

live performance at the exhibition opening "projekt-zwischenzeit"

this is the third part of the "squarechop bc12" series.
we work on a new concept more based on beats ;)

squarechop bc12u @ Cross Poetry Night

squarechop bc12u
Alfredo Bautista / Martin Böttger
V4 & Circuit Devices

live performance at Cross Poetry Night Wabe Berlin

this is the second part of the "squarechop bc12" series.
sound and visuals are based on circuit devices -->have look to the fotos.
we were using v4 with the audio ftt and abelton to visualize the background.



cardbord installation
70 x 70 x 40
my inspiration was a basalt column field
More pictures of the installation here